We provide you with peace of mind that your clinical waste is managed safely and compliantly.

If you work in a clinic, hospital or care facility, keeping up to date and complying with the law on clinical and hazardous waste can feel like a taxing and time-consuming responsibility.

At WasteTech, our experienced Compliance Team are here to take the strain. We stay on top of all the current legislation and gold standard waste management practices, so that you can feel confident all areas of your waste policy not only comply with the law, but stay one step ahead when it comes to safety, efficiency and environmental responsibility too.

We will keep you informed when legal changes are coming, and provide you with all the reporting, planning, support, and training you need to ensure all your staff are on-board and aware of the changes.

We work hard with those companies we partner with, to improve waste and recycling statistics, in line with governmental directives and expert advice, and help you set and meet ambitious but realistic environmental goals.

Our commitment is to environmental harm reduction and a Zero to Landfill policy, which means we will put every effort into finding your organisation a solution in line with these efforts.

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