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Welcome to Waste Tech, a national waste management consultancy that specialises in the design and implementation of bespoke designed waste management solutions that help your company realise its recycling and environmental goals.

We’re a little different..

Through our supply chain network of approved waste and recycling contractors, we provide all the services required to facilitate your newly implemented solution along with access to our portal that provides you with all of your reporting requirements.

We’re a little different..

In a world of waste and recycling contractors and brokers we wanted to stand out from the crowd.

WasteTech is a true waste management company that works in partnership with your organisation. We believe in providing solutions that are right for your company and our business model guarantees that. We don’t make money from your waste and recycling collections, but from the amount we can save you.

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We do not believe in simply providing you with a bespoke, tailor-made solution and leaving you to it. We have a wealth of management services to support you and help you achieve and exceed your environmental and recycling goals.

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