Young people are often the most passionate advocates of sustainability. This perhaps isn’t surprising given that it’s their future that is threatened by the environmental challenge we face as a globe.

Educational waste often comprises of different types of materials from paper to food waste, electrical waste, hazardous waste, furniture, and plastics. In fact it is often this breadth and complexity of waste streaming that sees schools adopting the simplest, rather than the most cost efficient or sustainable waste management strategies. But these systems are often the most costly in every kind of way.

If you are keen to see your school take steps towards becoming a less wasteful and more environmentally conscientious place to study and work, then we can help. Of course, you may also be looking for ways to spend less of your stretched budget on waste management so that more of it can be put towards your students; we can also help with that.

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How We help

We can help you roll out a strategy to help reduce, sort and recycle waste across your campuses. We can even help you design and integrate one into your classrooms, canteens, lecture halls, playgrounds and offices. From the very first time our Solutions Design Team visit your site for a free initial on-site review, they will be able to identify ways to help you to reduce your waste spend, and reduce your school’s environmental impact.



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