The relationship between retail and waste is changing fast. As customers become more aware of the environmental impact of packaging and retail practices, so they have looked to retailers to create more sustainable policies to manage the large volumes of waste generated by the sector.

This change in consumer habits towards more sustainable shopping, combined with significant legislative pressures, has meant the need to find new ways of managing waste if you’re a retailer, has become much more urgent in recent years.

With more customers than ever before basing their shopping decisions on the ethical and environmental values of a company, how you approach the topic of waste is loaded with importance.

Our experienced Waste & Recycling Consultants can design a solution that works seamlessly within your organisational setup and help you improve your recycling rates, we can even come up with an education programme to encourage your customers to jump on board with your sustainability policies. We have enabled organisations whose aim is to become zero waste retailers to meet their objectives, and demonstrated that despite the sometimes complex nature of retail waste, there are no challenges that cannot be met.

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Whether your aim is to cut waste, cut your carbon footprint, or simply to cut your costs, we work collaboratively with you to find innovative waste solutions that realise your aims and improve your statistics.

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Why The Waste Technology Group?

Cost effiencies

Identify key areas where you could be making cost savings, typically 10-15% from day one


Design, implement and manage waste management solutions that work for your business


Produce monthly/quarterly and annual reports to measure your success and identify areas of improvement that can be used to drive further efficiencies and improvements.


Install cost-saving, on-site recycling equipment that helps increase your recycling rates and reduce your carbon footprint

With improvements to your waste collection and recycling systems, we can keep you one step ahead of the legislation, and design you a retail waste management strategy that you can be proud of.



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